Troverlo partners with American Industrial Gases to revolutionize visibility in the packaged gas industry, driving immense value through cutting-edge technology.

Troverlo has partnered with American Industrial Gases (AIG) to bring asset tracking technology to the Packaged Gases Distribution market. This partnership combines AIG’s industry expertise with Troverlo’s asset tracking solution to provide enhanced visibility into the location and utilization of gas & cryogenic liquid cylinders, cradles, and other assets.

The global Packaged Gas market for cylinder distribution was valued at $100B in 2022, with millions of gas cylinders in circulation between distribution centers, fill plants, and customer sites. To improve efficiency and increase profit margins, the industry is constantly looking for ways to optimize its asset tracking capabilities. Troverlo’s low-cost automated tracking provides a solution to this problem.

“We are excited to partner with AIG to bring our asset tracking solution to the Packaged Gases Distribution market. Our patented asset tracking approach, robust API platform, and Global Observation Network will enable reliable, low-cost asset tracking for the Industrial Packaged Gas industry. AIG’s deep industry expertise will be a critical bridge into understanding and meeting packaged gas distributors’ unique needs.”

Said Cody Catalena, CEO of Troverlo

The challenges of accurately tracking deployed gas cylinders, improving record-keeping, and bridging ERP challenges are uniquely suited to be solved by Troverlo’s tracking technology, which offers new data points in real-time to manage gas contents like any other SKU. A recent field trial with a packaged gas distributor proved the Troverlo system could reliably and automatically track the location and time when each cylinder was dropped off and picked up from a customer location.

AIG and Troverlo are developing tracking solutions that integrate with existing enterprise applications used by Packaged Gas distributors. This partnership will provide numerous benefits to the Packaged Gases Distribution industry, including increased visibility into asset utilization, improved efficiency, and higher profit margins.

“Partnering with Troverlo is a key step for us to expand our service offerings and provide more value to our customers in the Packaged Gases Distribution industry.”

said Robby Smith, CEO of AIG

About American Industrial Gases

American Industrial Gases (AIG) is a privately owned packaged gas distributor based in Texas. AIG is a traditional welding supply and gas company specializing in gas applications for laboratory research cryotherapy fabrication craft beer beverage markets and the semiconductor manufacturing sectors. In addition to being a package gases distributor, AIG is also a platform offering second and third generation distributorships the opportunity to create liquidity events for their family owned businesses. Learn more about AIG on their website.

About Troverlo

Troverlo provides a patented, ground-breaking location tracking and data collection service. We enable customers to collect key insights from assets and sensors without requiring connectivity at a lower total cost of ownership than any other tracking technology.  For more information, visit our home page.

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