Collect location and sensor data by embedding Troverlo configured Wi-Fi chips into products

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The Troverlo Platform can bring your data collection and location tracking needs to Reality.

Connect with us to learn how to integrate Troverlo into your products. It’s easier than you think.

The real power of Troverlo is in the versatility and ubiquity of detection.

the Troverlo Global Observation Network for PRODUCTS in the wild!

Using apps for employees/customers

Using Wi-Fi networks or tag readers in facilities

Case Studies

Discover how our customers are leveraging Troverlo Technology.

Complementary with Cellular Telematics

Troverlo increases the value of cellular telematics

Cellular connectivity is no longer a one-to-one investment. With Troverlo, it is now one-to-many, significantly increasing the value of the connection.

Large expensive connected assets capture Troverlo enabled tags in their vicinity, with their crews, and on their jobsites. The Troverlo Global Observation Network captures them everywhere.

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Cellular Telematics can read Troverlo tags and pass the information through their existing data connection
In distribution use cases, Troverlo tags can be read by the warehouse wi-fi, the truck's fleet telematics, and the Troverlo Global Observation network, providing end-to-end visibility


Now every pallet and parcel can have its own tag.

Location, temperature and drops can now be traced on every package.

Inexpensive asset tags can be located and transfer data in the wild without the expense of individualized connectivity.

They can also leverage existing Wi-Fi and other connected networks when they are available without any connectivity configuration.

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Equipment Makers

Augmenting telematics for the entire product line

Now the entire product line can use the telematics platform, not just the top tier.

Troverlo connected assets can be read directly by the manufacturers’ app and by the Troverlo Global Observation Network.

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Equipment makers can utilize existing wi-fi chips, or add Troverlo enabled wi-fi chips, to track tools
LoRa enabled trackers with wifi sniffing capabilities to read Troverlo tags


Compliments LoRaWAN

Smaller and less expensive Troverlo enabled tags can be deployed in large quantities. LoRa devices already read and report on Troverlo enabled tags.

The Troverlo observation network can fill in the coverage gaps of LoRaWAN networks.

Troverlo economics enable every asset deployed to be monitored.

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Equipment Tracking and Inventory

Automatically gather recent location and asset data – with no employee action required!

Installing a small-footprint reader on fleet vehicles creates instant and automatic detections for your equipment.

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Site Service businesses can track portable toilets and roll-away dumpsters automatically with readers added onto their trucks

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