For Troverlo, the reason why was obvious.

“If I asked them what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company

The idea for simpler asset tracking came one evening while working in my office at the ranch, looking out the window, I happened to notice a piece of equipment was missing. There was no doubt in my mind that either my dad had it, a friend had it, or my brother had it, and it would be back in a day or two. But, in reality, there was no telling who had it or where it was. There was one way to know for sure: buy one of those expensive, cellular, GPS trackers and always know where my equipment is. But 90% of the time, it’s always sitting in the exact same spot. It struck me how inefficient and expensive that is – and there must be a better way.

It’s time to think differently. What if you used WiFi in reverse of how it is meant to be used and leverage a network that is already in existence and track anything, anywhere, in an unbelievably cost effective, scalable manner. After patenting the approach, we ran a few technology trials and realized the concept really worked and really worked well. We realized this wasn’t a solution for only tracking expensive assets. In fact, smaller inexpensive assets that have always been out of reach due to the size and cost of the prevailing technology were prime benefactors of this new technology. It would work with anything you wanted to locate. It could be done on a global basis with existing crowd sourcing and no invasion of personal privacy. It could reduce the amount of theft and loss tremendously, improve efficiency, and make a big difference to a lot of businesses and individuals.




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