We keep your eyes on all that matters.

Follow, locate and retrieve insights on anything you own.  Any size,  Anytime, Anywhere.

Cost and size barriers, eliminated.

That’s the power of Troverlo.

Finally, asset tracking that makes sense.

The days of oversized asset tags, expensive asset tracking, and expensive data collection services are a thing of the past.

Unlike traditional tracking technology, your assets and sensors no longer need GPS or connectivity to be located and to transmit data.

Our patented technology revolutionizes asset location tracking and IoT data collection.  With a tag that is smaller than a dime, the size of your asset is no longer a barrier to the solution.

Need valuable data from your sensors, but are being held hostage by expensive data recovery services and fees?  Not anymore.

More than just peace of mind, we keep you moving forward.

Remarkably Small Tag

Embedded in everyday products, the footprint is 7x7mm.

Unbeatable Low Cost

Minimal upfront cost with no monthly data connectivity expenses.

Global Coverage

Troverlo tags are observed passively by the world’s wireless devices and reported back to the cloud, requiring no user interaction.

Cloud Based Data Insights

The Troverlo Cloud Platform makes data available for users’ existing applications or through Troverlo’s Portal or App.

Location tracking is now capable of becoming mainstream, smart technology.

  • Embedded Troverlo tags are smaller than a dime.
  • Troverlo tag cost is inexpensive, starting under $1.
  • Global compatibility – Troverlo works everywhere.
  • There is no monthly connectivity cost.
  • The Troverlo data platform makes data delivery easy.
  • Our patented technology is simple to use.

Let’s build something amazing together.